Targets of the project research have been:
1) creating reality that you are influencing
2) getting out of the consumer position and become an active part of what you see and what happens 3) research on how movement and body relate to the ‘outside world

WONDERLAND is an interactive performance installation controlled by sensors. Originally created for children the installation was with pleasure used also by adults. Vice versa WONDERLAND gives possibilty to discover the own playfulness.

Technically the installation works by moving the gymnastic balls, either through jumping, sitting or lying on them. In the moment the balls move on the sensors the installation is activated and the users become the performers themselves. They compose an ever changing composition out of moving figures, body movements and sound collages out of electronic and analog recorded sounds.
At the same time especially the young users, who are used to touchpads and interactivity by touching discover that they can influence the (technological) instruments and media by using their whole body.

The rear wall consists of a blackboard, chalk drawings and paper collages. The elements of the installation together create a wonderland which is just visible when the visitor becomes part of it.